Geometry Problems

The problems here come from a paper source which credited the original exercises to Geometrische Wiederholungs-und Denkaufgaben by Paul Eigenmann (Ernst Klett Verlag, Stuttgart, 1967). This book is rather difficult to obtain outside of Germany. I started re-creating the problems in GeoGebra and rendering them as PNG. The original notebooks for most of these can be found at the tech page. I will update this gallery as re-create more of these. The numbering in the filenames comes from the classification and adaptation by Peter Genta (Carlinville High School, Carlinville, IL, 1988), which is the paper source I am using. There are a total of 176 problems. (I would re-post scans of the original source, but I am concerned about copyright — at least if I re-create them in GeoGebra, as I understand it, the images are my own to redistribute.)